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Book Binding

DSCN1121.jpgBook binding is known as the method by which printed sheets are put together to form books, magazines, catalogues, folders, directories, or product packaging. Based on specifications we offer paperback binding and hard cover binding or perfect binding. In the process of binding a book, the sheets must be cut, folded, gathered, glued, stapled, stitch, or sewn.

Methods of Binding

This type of binding is utilizing an adhesive to hold loose pages together. Perfect binding is also known as Adhesive Binding. The basic process of this type of binding is applying adhesive to the spine of gathered pages, which keeps the pages securely bound when dried.

Interscrew binding consist of binding loose pages using interscrews. In this type of binding not adhesives are used to keep the papers together. Some of the most frequent documents that use this method are restaurant menus, portfolios and catalogues etc.

Comb binding is method of securing loose printed pages using a piece of plastic with teeth (the comb) that fits into rectangular holes in the paper. The combs that are used for this method comes in various sizes. The size comb used is dependent on the size of the document to be bound.

Reinforced side sewn binding is a very permanent solution for book blocks both of coated or uncoated papers. The thread sews through the “side” of a book block, taking away 1/4″ of the gutter margin. Side sewn binding will not lay flat, but will be held together very securely. We use this for children’s books, photobooks, year books

Leather Craft

This is the practice of making leather into craft objects or works of art, using shaping techniques, colouring techniques or both. Leather Craft is normally used for enhancement through creativity.

Office Supplies


This is a term that is used to cover the most common consumable items used in an office environment. These office stationeries are made using the finest binders’ material available, including those that are archivally approved and conservation friendly.

Customized Orders

We fulfill orders that are based on individual customers’ specifications. Contact us for more information.

Book Repairs and Restoration

DSCN1139.jpg  DSCN0724.jpg

This is the process of making a transformation of old tattered and torn books in to new looking books. The process of binding may also be a part of the process of repairs and restoration.


labeling.jpg This is also known as finishing, which refers to the process of decorating the spine and covers of the outside of a book. This is normally used to enhance the covers and spine of books that have been bound.

Novelty Items

These items are made based on specifications with available binding materials of your choice. memory-inside.JPGmemory-book.JPGWe create books and tokens for notable occasions such as:

  • Weddings
  • Family Gatherings
  • Presentations
  • Birth of a Baby
  • Anniversaries
  • Funerals